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The health benefits of Dental Implants

Dental implants are an extremely liberating treatment for many people who lose teeth, because they reintroduce form and function to the mouth. Whilst we do appreciate that dental implants might symbolise a financial investment to you, you will get a hefty return in your confidence, mouth function, and dental health. Here are the benefits of dental implants in Solihull...

Your jaw health

Your teeth are fixed to your jaw bone by sinuous tooth roots. These roots send signals to the area of jawbone they are connected to, letting it know to stay alive and strong because there is still a tooth in place. Your jaw relies on your teeth, and your teeth rely on your jaw, both for stability and continued use. When you lose a tooth, therefore, the root dies and that area of jawbone stops receiving these important signals. The jawbone then weakens and begins a process called bone resorption, where the bone almost goes a little spongy and breaks down. This not only incurs a loss of facial structure, but it also impacts the stability of your other teeth. Dental implants are placed using a titanium root, sort of like a screw, that is placed directly into your jawbone. Titanium is a biocompatible metal and it actually invites the bone to heal around it, creating a strong foundation for your dental implants and also succeeding in keeping your jawbone strong.

Your bite and mouth function

When you lose a tooth, or multiple teeth, then the teeth neighbouring the gap(s) suddenly have less pressure keeping them in line and in their correct position. This results in the teeth neighbouring the gap beginning to shift and change position, easing themselves into this new space that isn’t meant for them. This may become uncomfortable, unsightly, and even prohibit how your upper jaw and lower fit together when biting, chewing, or at rest. Receiving a dental implant, therefore, helps to keep your remaining teeth in the right position by filling the gaps and keeping up the natural pressure on them.

Your gum and dental health

Leaving a gap, or multiple gaps, in your smile obviously exposes large areas of gum and the sides of neighbouring teeth that were formerly covered and protected by the now-missing teeth. This means that the build up of plaque around the base of the teeth and the bacteria resting on the exposed gums will cause the likely onset of accelerated gum disease and cavities. Replacing your missing teeth with dental implants ensures that the vulnerable sides of your teeth neighbouring the gap and the exposed gum are protected once more.

Dental implants in Solihull

Dental implants in Solihull with Dental Practice Manor Square reinstate equilibrium in your mouth by restoring form and function. Keep your jaw in its best condition by replacing missing teeth with dental implants. Contact us or call us directly on 0121 709 3821 to arrange your dental implants consultation with one of our expert dental implant dentists today!

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