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Root Canal

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Root Canals Solihull


Here at Dental Practice Manor Square, we understand that a root canal can cause a lot of
uncomfortable symptoms such as pain when chewing, sensitivity to temperature change, and tender
gums. Luckily, our private dental practice in Solihull is made up of a team of experienced dentists who are here to help.

What Causes a Root Canal?

When your tooth is cracked or has a deep interior cavity, bacteria can enter and cause decay of the nerve, tissue, and blood vessels in the tooth canal. Traditionally, this type of core tooth damage meant complete removal of the affected tooth, but advances in dental technology mean that the problem can be solved with a root canal treatment.

Our experienced dentists will clean, disinfect, and refill the interior of the tooth to prevent serious pain and permanent damage to your teeth.


How to Treat a Root Canal

Root canal treatments can sometimes take more than one visit, so we usually split
treatments into more than one session.

First visit:

1. Anaesthesia is injected to numb the affected tooth
2. Your dentist makes a hole through the crown of the tooth
3. The dentist removes pulp using tiny delicate instruments
4. The canal is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected
5. Once clean, the canal is gently shaped so the surgeon can fill it easily with a harmless
rubber-based material that helps prevent future infection.
6. A permanent pin might sometimes need to be fixed in the root of the tooth to make it
7. The cavity is either filled or temporarily sealed.


On your next visit, we will remove the temporary sealing so as to complete the permanent root
filling if not done in the previous visit. 


A crown is always the best option to do after root canal treatment.


Although a root canal is a very commonly performed procedure, complications are possible. To make sure this doesn’t happen, your dentist may choose to extract the tooth instead. To maximise the chances of having a successful, complication-free procedure, always follow your dentist’s specific pre and post-operative instructions.

Book a Consultation

At Dental Practice Manor Square in Solihull, our root canal therapy is thorough but affordable. Our cosmetic dentistry experts provide professional and friendly care for every one of our clients.

For more information, please contact our practice and book a consultation in our private dental
practice in Solihull.

Telephone: 0121 709 3821

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