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Snoring & Obsructive Sleep Apnoea

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Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA) is a common condition that can lead to regularly interrupted sleep.

Symptoms include: Loud snoring, laboured breathing and the interruption of breathing during sleep.


We all know that lack of sleep can have a massive impact on the quality of life which is why Dental Practice Manor Square in Solihull offers Sleepwell, the most clinically proven Mandibular AdvancementSplint (MAS) for the treatment of mild to moderate OSA.

A MAS is an oral device that moves the lower jaw forward while you sleep which tightens the soft tissue and helps to prevent the obstruction of the airways that cause OSA. They are non-invasive and are now widely used in private dental care. Sleepwell has been tailor-made by trained technicians for the treatment of OSA and is a non-invasive two-piece appliance which offers incredible comfort and can provide long term treatment of mild to moderate OSA.


Snoring is very common; however, excessively loud snoring can be a problem for yourself and others around you. Snoring is caused when your mouth, tongue, throat or airways in your nose vibrate when you breathe.

Loud snoring is linked to OSA and as such has been able to be treated by Sleepwell.

If you are a loud snorer, you may not be the only one suffering. Your partner may be unable to sleep next to you and this can have a huge impact on the quality of your life together.

Dental Practice Manor Square can give you expert advice to combat loud snoring, helping you and your partner get a restful nights sleep, every night.

For more information and advice about OSA and snoring, please call us today on 0121 7093821, alternatively book an appointment online.

Sleepwell Solution - Dental Practice Manor Square

Sleepwell Solution - Dental Practice Manor Square

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