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Dental Emergencies in Solihull

No one plans to chip a tooth, to lose a filling, to dislodge a crown or suddenly struggle with a terrible toothache. Therefore we can't plan ahead by booking in with our local dental practice. When we have an emergency dentistry issue, it can be anything from an inconvenience to a seriously painful problem. In any case, being able to get a dentist appointment as soon as possible is crucial to prevent further damage or increased prolonged pain. At Dental Practice Manor Square in Solihull, we are driven to provide emergency dental care to our patients no matter when they need it.

Examples of Emergency Dental Care Cases

A fall, an accident or a stubborn piece of food; there are a great number of everyday circumstances which might end in requiring emergency dental care.

At Dental Practice Manor Square, our emergency dentist service has helped countless patients across Solihull who have suddenly needed emergency dental care. Some of the most common issues include:

  • Lost filling

  • Lost crown

  • Broken or chipped tooth

  • Loss of a permanent tooth (in children and adults)

  • Particularly painful wisdom teeth

  • Toothache

  • Nerve pain

Knowing that you are able to access your local emergency dentist when you need them most is really important. We understand that perfectly. This is why our emergency dental care services are available during and outside of the normal dental practice hours.  

How to Get in Touch for Emergency Dentistry in Solihull

Should you have a dental emergency outside the normal practice hours, please telephone the practice line which will be diverted to the voicemail with the emergency contact number for you to call. You may not see our usual dentist but we will aim to deal with the immediate problem. During practice hours, we endeavour to see any patient who has a dental emergency on the same day.

For Emergencies Call:  0121 709 3821

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