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Dental Hygienist, Solihull

Dental Practice Manor Square, is located in the heart of Solihull, just on the outskirts of Birmingham. We are a team of highly qualified dental professionals and specialists. Dedicated to providing the best quality services to all of our patients, we take pride in offering a comprehensive range of treatments to suit a variety of needs.

With regular check-ups with the dental hygienist, you will be able to ensure that your teeth and gums are healthy and thoroughly clean in an effort to avoid gum diseases.


Regular professional tooth surface cleaning which our Solihull dental hygienist can provide will help prevent the build-up of plaque and tartar both above and below the gum line, remove stains and freshen your breath.

With gum disease being the most common cause of tooth loss in adults, routinely hygienist appointments can help prevent this presently, or developing in later life.


Here at Dental Practice Manor Square, as well as offering a variety of treatments and services, our Solihull dental practice also provides opportunity for regular check-ups with our qualified and experienced dental hygienist.


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Our Hygienist Treatments

Our Solihull dental hygienist is available to provide the following treatments:

  • Airflow therapy - This treatment works to remove teeth staining and plaque with a high-pressure jet combination of water, compressed air and fine powder particles to tackle those are to reach areas

  • Teeth whitening

  • Professional dental cleaning and polishing

Your dental hygienist will be able to offer tailored advice and guidance on how to help you maintain good teeth and gum health. If they spot anything that might require attention from our dentists, they will be able to advise on the best steps to take to avoid problems in the future.

Benefits to our Dental Hygienist Treatments:

Dental hygiene treatments are essential to maintaining healthy gums and teeth. 

The benefits of Dental Practice Manor Square, Solihull,  hygienist treatments can be divided into two categories: 

  • Prevention and Improvement

Preventatively, regular dental hygiene treatments can help reduce the risk of developing dental diseases like gingivitis, periodontitis, and cavities. Brushing, flossing and regular dental check-ups are important for preventing the buildup of plaque, which can lead to these issues. Additionally, treatments such as fluoride and sealants can help prevent dental decay and cavities. An expert and specialist dentists at Dental Practice Manor Square will be able to help and advise you which treatment your teeth may need. 

Improvement-wise, dental hygiene treatments can help improve the overall health of the teeth and gums. One of our dentists can professionally clean the teeth and gums which will help remove plaque and tartar, which if not treated may cause inflammation and infection. Additionally, regular dental visits to us in Solihull mean that we can detect potential problems in their early stages, which we will be able to treat before they cause serious damage. 

Regular dental hygiene visits to us means that we can also help improve the appearance of your teeth.  We can help create cleaner, whiter teeth which in turn can improve, self-confidence, and an overall healthier mouth which will lead to improved oral health. 


Why Visit the Dental Hygienist?


Regular visits to the dental hygienist here at our Solihull dental practice is one of the most effective ways to help fight gum disease, remove plaque and tartar, treat bad breath, and remove teeth staining.

Whether you’re dealing with any of these problems now or you’re worried about facing them in the future, you can rest assured that our dental hygienist has the knowledge and expertise to provide you with the best course of action to maintaining a healthy mouth.


If you’re not experiencing any of the above problems, visits to the hygienist can help prevent these issues from developing in the future.


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Whatever level of dental care you require, at Dental Practice Manor Square, Solihull, we are fully equipped with a qualified team and state of the art equipment. We pride ourselves on transforming our patients’ smiles to boost their confidence and change how they feel about their teeth. 


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Call 0121 709 3821, send us a message using the online form, or book your appointment online with us today. 

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