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We are a friendly practice and proud of the services that we offer to patients of all ages to suit their individual needs.
We provide Private Dental Care, offering affordable treatment plans to help spread the costs of care. 

We do the very best in ensuring your dental treatments meet your individual needs and we will discuss all proposed treatments as well as treatment options with you, giving you time to ask questions and consider the alternatives. 


We offer a full range of preventive and cosmetic dentistry. Each surgery is equipped with technology to help us diagnose what treatment is required and explain the treatment to our patients both verbally and visually. We may suggest referral to a particular specialist, if this is appropriate for any complex treatments. 


We encourage our patients to have regular appointments including children who learn how to care for their teeth through diet and oral hygiene. 


As a patient of the practice you will receive our regular six-monthly or annual appointment reminders via a paperless environmentally friendly SMS service.

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