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How do invisible aligners work?

Smiling is universally recognised across the world, through different cultures and languages and backgrounds, as a welcoming sign of friendliness and support. A smile can be polite, reassuring, happy, sympathetic, or warm, but if you’re self conscious about your teeth then you might not be smiling as wide as you otherwise would. A close-lipped smile means that you’re masking or hiding your teeth, which is never good when you want to express how happy you are with a big wide grin. This is one of the reasons why invisible aligners in Solihull have become incredibly popular, but how do they work?

The material of invisible aligners

Invisible aligners are made of a thin, transparent plastic that fit over your teeth. They’re custom-made for you and you alone, so they fit perfectly like a wafer-thin gum shield. The plastic is light-weight and clear so they won’t add a bulky layer to your teeth and shouldn’t impair your speech at all. Though thin and transparent, this plastic is durable and should withstand daily use as long as you don’t eat with your aligners in.

How the invisible aligners work

You will receive your invisible aligners in sets and each will be used over the period of a few weeks. Each set of aligners will apply a light pressure to your teeth to gently guide them into a more flattering position. As you progress through your treatment, the shape of your aligners will change to continue to usher your teeth into straightening and appearing more uniform.

Will they hurt?

Compared to traditional braces, invisible aligners won’t be nearly as uncomfortable or painful. They’re not fixed to your teeth with glue or wires, they don’t apply undue pressure and tug at your teeth, and the plastic is completely smooth. This means no pulling your teeth, no sharp wires or slipped brackets, and no unwelcome pains. For the first few days of wearing a new set of aligners you might feel a little discomfort or ache, but once your teeth adjust then this should ebb away.

Invisible aligners in Solihull with Dental Practice Manor Square

Don’t hide your genuine grin behind closed lips when you smile, beam with pride with straight teeth achieved by invisible aligners in Solihull. Book your consultation at our dental practice today on 0121 709 3821 or Contact us to discuss your treatment options.

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