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Dentist Tips on How to Spot and Treat Gum Disease

Gum disease is something we all want to avoid in our lifetime, and with a good dental hygiene routine, it is very preventable.

We may all experience gum disease at least once, but if left untreated, it could lead to tooth loss. Luckily, there are many precautions to take when it comes to looking after your teeth, that will lessen the chance of you getting gum disease.

As highly experienced dental hygienists in Solihull, we have listed a few symptoms you can look out for if you’re worried about gum disease, and easy ways you can treat these symptoms at home.

We recommend that if you do notice these symptoms sticking around or getting worse, than to book an appointment with the dental hygienist.

Signs to Look Out For

Gum disease is often caused by a build-up of plaque on your teeth, and symptoms can be easily spotted at home. Maintaining a good home dental care can help prevent these symptoms

occurring, but here is what to look out for:

  • Bleeding gums

During or after brushing, if you notice your gums bleeding or feeling sore, this could be an early sign of gum disease, that can be avoided and often treated with an improved home dental care routine.

  • Bad breath

If left untreated, your early signs of gum disease could worsen, and lead to bad breath.

  • Unpleasant taste in your mouth

If you’ve noticed an unusual, unpleasant taste in your mouth, alongside other symptoms, it could be caused by gum disease. Seeing a dental hygienist will help shed some light on this.

  • Loss of teeth

If the previous symptoms listed above go untreated, and your gum disease gets worse, it could lead to your teeth loosening, increasing the likelihood that they will fall out.

If you’ve noticed any of these symptoms and are worried you might have gum disease, please book an appointment with our Solihull dentists, and they will be able to recommend the best plan of action.

At-Home Dental Responsibilities

Gum disease is very easy to avoid, if you maintain a good home dental care routine. Every day, you must make sure you:

  • Brush your teeth for at least 2 minutes, once before bed, and on one other occasion. Our dental hygienists recommend using an electric toothbrush if you can, as they can provide a more thorough clean.

  • Use a toothpaste that contains fluoride, which helps prevent against tooth decay

  • Floss, or use interdental brushes, ideally once a day, to clean in between your teeth

  • Don’t smoke – smoking can cause a lot of damage to your gums

  • Book regular appointments with your dentist

Book Your Dental Hygiene Appointment

Due to social distancing measured put in place because of COVID-19, patients have had to miss their routine dental hygienist appointments. At Dental Practice Manor Square in Solihull, we are now providing dental appointments that cohere to the guidelines, allowing patients to book dental hygienist appointments, and get their symptoms checked out.

If you are worried about gum disease or would like to book your routine check-up at our Solihull dentists, please call 0121 709 3821 or book online.

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